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Cover image for Creamer Media's Just Energy Transition 2024 report Just Energy Transition 2024: Investing in the future Has PDF
Published: 10 May 24
Amid the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources, Creamer Media’s ‘Just Energy Transition 2024: Investing in the future’ report underscores the urgent need for this shift to be fair and equitable, ensuring all stakeholders share in both costs and benefits. South Africa's heavy reliance on coal necessitates a commitment to lower emissions driven not only by international obligations but also by domestic concerns, including the looming threat of severe temperature increases. However, achieving this transition presents significant challenges. The report contextualises the Just Energy Transition in the context of South Africa's persistent electricity supply deficit, which has led to severe loadshedding in recent years, potentially impeding the move away from coal-fired electricity. Despite the government’s draft Integrated Resource Plan 2023 indicating a rapid increase in renewable energy deployment through public and private procurement, coal will continue to play a significant role in electricity generation. Delving into the intricacies of South Africa's electricity sector, the report highlights the pivotal role of independent power producers, renewable-energy programmes, and the necessity for restructuring and legislative changes. Additionally, it examines how the energy transition intersects with other sectors such as mobility and mining, emphasising the importance of employment and skills development in facilitating a just transition. The report offers valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities and potential benefits associated with a just energy transition.
Cover image for Creamer Media's Africa Mining Pip 2024 Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2024 Has PDF
Published: 26 Apr 24
There is a significant, virtually unparalleled opportunity and “appetite” for Africa’s minerals and metals. Consequently, Africa potentially stands to benefit considerably from this minerals windfall owing to its vast resources and reserves. Creamer Media’s ‘Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2024’ report covers almost 40 mining projects across Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa, all offering very compelling mining propositions given the demand for the minerals and metals required for the worldwide shift towards renewable energy, which is projected to increase threefold by 2040.
Creamer Media's cover for its Hydrogen 2024 report Hydrogen 2024: Implementation crucial going forward Has PDF
Published: 12 Apr 24
Green hydrogen is prominent on the global agenda for creating a cleaner, greener future. The element holds the potential to unlock a new epoch in energy. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, the combustion of hydrogen yields only water vapour and heat as by-products, positioning green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, as a powerful player in the race to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The momentum behind the fuel is strong, and South Africa is very well positioned to produce it. However, it will need to reinforce its supply position in the next two to three years if it wants to be a global green hydrogen supplier that helps meet an exponentially growing demand outlook beyond 2030. It will thus need to shift the focus from mere discussions to the implementation of practical solutions. Creamer Media’s ‘Hydrogen 2024’ report considers the demand and supply of hydrogen, production technologies in the sector, and the investment therein. It also examines the trade of hydrogen, which is still in its infancy, and how African countries could be highly competitive in supplying green hydrogen for local and global consumption.
Creamer Media's Roads, Rail & Ports cover Roads, Rail & Ports 2024: Inefficiencies reach new lows Has PDF
Published: 05 Apr 24
Creamer Media’s ‘Roads, Rail & Ports 2024’ report reflects upon the current state of South Africa’s roads, delving into the some of the issues that are plaguing the sector such as maintenance backlogs and funding. It also brings to light the challenges that the rail sector is facing with regard to freight and passenger rail, and the state of rail safety. Congestion and inefficiencies at South Africa’s ports are also examined.
Creamer Media cover for Iron-Ore 2023/24 report Iron-Ore 2023/24: Bracing for change Has PDF
Published: 02 Feb 24
Creamer Media’s ‘Iron-Ore 2023/24: Bracing for change’ report considers the current iron-ore market focusing on key developments globally in the sector, namely supply, demand, trade, pricing and decarbonisation. It also examines these topics in the context of South Africa's iron-ore market, with a particular emphasis on producers and some of the challenges they are facing in getting their product to port. Developments in the iron-ore sector on the rest of the African continent are also examined.
Cover image of Creamer Media's Platinum 2023 report Platinum Group Metals 2023: Crucial Element in the Energy Transition Has PDF
Published: 14 Dec 23
Anglo American sustainability head Stephen Bullock has emphasised that which a growing number of commentators have said of the modern South Africa economy, namely that it should invest in new demand segments for platinum group metals (PGMs), including the green hydrogen economy. African Critical Minerals CEO Dr Clarence Tshitereke has echoed this sentiment, highlighting the pivotal role of these metals in the broader energy transition. He advocates for the development of a strategy that will ensure South Africa boosts international cooperation in exploring for and mining PGMs. The push for decarbonisation is expected to significantly drive the demand for PGMs over the next three decades. Specifically, platinum, palladium, iridium, and ruthenium are anticipated to experience heightened demand owing to the increased adoption of green hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles. South Africa possesses the largest reserves of most of these metals. It will, therefore, be important for the country to deal with the challenges that hamper its growth. Creamer Media's 'Platinum Group Metals 2023: Crucial Element in the Energy Transition' report delves into significant sector developments. It offers an overview of the PGMs market, focusing on the prospects for growth in the global green hydrogen sector. The report specifically scrutinises South Africa, shedding light on the local mining sector's electricity woes, and recent mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it details the performance of major and minor PGM players in the country.
Cover for Creamer Media's Automotive 2023 report Automotive 2023: Navigating change Has PDF
Published: 20 Nov 23
Creamer Media’s ‘Automotive 2023: Navigating Change’ report places South Africa’s automotive industry in context. It discusses the effect that the semiconductor shortage has had on the sector, examines the country’s new-vehicle market and developments in the sector in terms of manufacturing and investment by the major OEMs, and considers the important role that the components industry plays in supporting vehicle production and aftermarket services. It also considers South Africa’s automotive policy regime, which has stood out for its long-term vision and unwavering consistency, the goal being to support the production of new-energy vehicles to ensure the sector remains a major contributor to the industrial development of not only the domestic economy but also the African continent.
Cover of Creamer Media's Electricity 2023: Resolving South Africa’s ongoing crisis Electricity 2023: Resolving South Africa’s ongoing crisis Has PDF
Published: 16 Nov 23
Creamer Media's ‘Electricity 2023: Resolving South Africa’s ongoing crisis’ report offers a comprehensive examination of South Africa's electricity sector, emphasising the significant challenges posed by loadshedding and its impact on the country's economy. The report delves into Eskom's restructuring, evaluating its generation performance and continuing build programme. Additionally, it probes the intricate and contentious matters surrounding South Africa’s coal usage at a time when many countries are abandoning the fossil fuel as well as Eskom’s ever increasing electricity tariffs. The report also covers the evolving electricity landscape, shedding light on the pivotal role that independent power producers could play in shaping the nation's energy mix. Further, the report examines areas such as transmission, distribution, and electricity planning, among others.
Image of cover for Creamer Media's Agriculture 2023 report Agriculture 2023: Surging costs threaten sustainability Has PDF
Published: 16 Nov 23
Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza tabled a R17.20-billion budget for her department in the 2023/24 financial year in May 2023, including transfers to provincial agriculture departments and relevant entities. Her Budget Vote speech underscores the imperative of food security, spatial planning, rural development, and land redistribution, highlighting the sector's role in addressing historical injustices and reinstating land rights. Didiza asserts that the enduring impacts of Apartheid and colonialism have resulted in inequalities in the distribution of resources, infrastructure, and avenues for advancement within the agricultural sector. In this context, Creamer Media’s ‘Agriculture 2023’ report considers key sectoral components including an overview of the market, which delves into production, exports, income, expenditure, costs and prices. The business environment section addresses logistics, loadshedding, and institutions such as the Land Bank. Labour and transformation are also crucial considerations. The report also outlines measures such as antidumping duties, ongoing land reform efforts, and the introduction of a sugar tax in the policy development section. Precision technology also emerges as a critical theme, with a focus on airborne agriculture, climate change and regenerative agriculture.
Image of the cover of Creamer Media's Pip Supplement 2023 – Second Edition Projects in Progress 2023 (Second Edition)
Published: 31 Oct 23
Creamer Media's second edition of the 'Projects in Progress 2023' supplement offers a unique perspective for evaluating South Africa's current economic landscape, amid ongoing challenges, including that of load shedding. Through the presentation of various ongoing projects, this publication unveils encouraging signs of progress across the nation's economy.
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