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Image of molten metal Manyar copper smelter project, Indonesia – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
Freeport has largely completed construction of its new Manyar smelter and has started commissioning operations.
Dictionary entry of base metals Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub base metals project, Australia – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
The Queensland government has granted Queensland Pacific Metals a grant to advance the project towards investment readiness.
Image of Argentina map/flag Rincon lithium carbon plant, Argentina – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
Civil concrete work is complete.
Image of Australia flag and periodic table symbols for tantalum and lithium Kathleen Valley lithium/tantalum project, Australia – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
Liontown Resources has executed a new offtake agreement for the supply of spodumene concentrate from the project.
Image of Jansen potash mine Jansen potash project, Canada – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
The project is expected to operate for more than 100 years.
Drill core from the Jadar lithium project Jadar lithium-borates project, Serbia – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
A Serbian court has overturned a government decision in 2022 to revoke Rio Tinto's initial planning permission to develop a lithium mine in the country.
Thwe Hombre Muerto project looking east Hombre Muerto West lithium project, Argentina/Bolivia/Chile – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
Galan Lithium has opted to recalibrate its construction schedule for the first phase of the project.
Location of Ewoyaa lithium deposit Ewoyaa lithium project, Ghana – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
The application for the grant of the mining lease had been submitted to the Ghanaian Parliament.
Image of Clayton Valley lithium project Clayton Valley lithium project, US
Published: 19 Jul 24
Century Lithium is focusing on mining and processing a large, flat-lying lithium claystone deposit at Clayton Valley.
Flowsheet for the production of ammonia Coega green ammonia project, South Africa – update
Published: 19 Jul 24
The project has progressed to advanced-stage development.
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